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Originally Posted by R. Gerbicz View Post
(For definiton, see
Here a=power of ten looks like easy.
FWIW, I remember a number called "Mega" defined in a book called Mathematical Snapshots by Hugo Steinhaus. One defines n in a triangle as n^n, and n in a square as "n in n (nested) triangles. Finally, n in a circle is n in n (nested) squares. The number mega is 2 in a circle. So, 2 in a circle is 2 in 2 nested squares. Now evaluating 2 in the inner square, that's 2 in two nested triangles. Now 2 in the inner triangle is 2^2, or 4. Now, we have 4 in the outer triangle is 4^4, or 256. That leaves 256 in the outer square. That's 256 in 256 (nested) triangles.

Good luck with that...
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