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Originally Posted by wombatman View Post
One thing to try is restoring the relations found using the spairs.gz file like you're doing, deleting all the .cyc and such, and then rerunning using the "-nc" command. That should take of it, if I understand your error correctly. I've had to do that before when my .dat file disappeared.
Thanks! That's what I've done and it is working through the msieve steps, but I have encountered another stumbling block:
matrix needs more columns than rows; try adding 2-3% more relations
This keeps coming up even when I add more relations. This might be due to the poly. I'm suspecting this may be what VBCurtis posted about:
Originally Posted by VBCurtis
A5 coefficients below 10000 should not be searched- msieve takes longer at very low A5 values to do the same work. Also note skew is 50M, very high for this size of number; this occasionally causes hiccups in later stages (I have not run into such a hiccup yet, but I follow Frmky's advice to use large A5, say 5-50M for this size number). Large A5 coefficients have lower skews than very small values.
I will keep adding for now, but at some point I may need to start over from scratch...
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