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I'm new to the whole GIMPS thing, but I thought it'd be fun to give it a go, so I tried to put the 64 version on my new MacBook. It downloaded ok, but then I started trying to set it up and got a bit lost (and scared…). I thought I answered all the command line questions right (has anyone else found the ReadMe file, em, useless?), but it got to the end of the questions and didn't do anything. It was just sitting there in Terminal. And then my fan kicked on highest speed, temperature skyrocketed and I freaked and shut the computer. Opened it back up, quit Terminal, then went back to Terminal to try to run the mprime file using ./mprime. Repeat blank screen and high temperature. I went into Activity Monitor and it said the program mprime was using 99% of my CPU and over 2GB of virtual memory!! What on earth did I do wrong? Any suggestions? Thank you!!!
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