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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Yes. Can you post or email me the full gwnum.txt file? If you exit and restart prime95 does it still select the wrong clm?
[Sep 3 20:22] Optimal P-1 factoring of M19970131 using up to 4096MB of memory.
[Sep 3 20:22] Assuming no factors below 2^65 and 3 primality tests saved if a factor is found.
[Sep 3 20:22] Optimal bounds are B1=350000, B2=9800000
[Sep 3 20:22] Chance of finding a factor is an estimated 6.63%
[Sep 3 20:22] Using FMA3 FFT length 1M, Pass1=256, Pass2=4K, clm=2
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