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Default Sieving on Playstation 3

Because of circumstances involving Arkansas law and the fact that I can't lie worth a damn, I need to keep my cash assets below $2000 for the foreseeable future. I also desire to make significantly more money and intend to get a new job. Put it all together, and basically the government is forcing me(lol) to spend with (almost) unbridled abandon.

I've heard the Playstation 3 would fly at factoring numbers if it had the right software to run. I hate my Playstation Portable and it's games, I might as well have flushed my money down the toilet. If I were to buy a PS3, it would be because I thought I could use it to factor numbers. Mostly ecm, since I don't have the knowledge to do the more complex things.

My question is, if I were to buy a PS3 for factoring numbers and managed to install Linux on it, would someone on here(or anywhere) have the knowledge and willingness to help me compile an ecm(or whatever) factoring program? I'm a Linux noob, and don't know much about compiling. Basically, if I managed it, the PS3 would be a one-trick pony, that trick being factoring numbers.

Beyond people thinking I'm insane, is this doable?
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