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Default software advice needed - sieving short periods of time


Now i'm in robotics, so having hardware that reads temperatures is pretty easy for me to produce and connect to a computer. Pretty standard hardware huh. My 3d printers have sensors all over.

Yet as winter gets hereand temperatures might drop - some nights it's close to freezing outside now - heating is turned off in office and it may not get under 15 celcius in office.

Gas prices going up in Netherlands to 1.30 euro a m^3. Electric heat better in short :)

I have an old 36 core box (magny cours 12 core cpu's yet only 3 sockets work in that motherboard) which is an excellent electric heater. Eats about 300 watt under full load and stands in a different room where my milling machines are.

Yet i ran srsieve type programs on it to sieve. I do not really know whether those can get stopped easily.

Idea is boot the box if temperature drops in office to 16 celcius. Then have the box boot and run at least a couple of hours until it is at least daylight (say 9 AM) and either keep it running then until it is daylight AND 18C+.

Electric heat cheaper than burning gas.

Searching in short for ways to interrupt sieving and then continue sieving from where it was.

What programs offer possibilities there?
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