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Originally Posted by greenskull View Post
Although dandelion belongs to the angiosperms, it does not form a fruit shell suitable for feeding for animal life forms. And to an important note, it has a slightly different mechanism for the spread of seeds.

I am a pescetarian. I've already written about this a hundred times here.
You should at least pretend to read my comments. And less spamming here.

The correspondence with you makes me more and more bored :(
I have read all your comments.

In my view, vegetarians and vegans (including but not restricted to Jains) are deluded.

I have no issues with people eating non-mammalian meat.

I also suggest that you review the definition of "spam" in the context of electronic communication. I have made no reference to any commercial product or service.

At the time of posting you have contributed 289 posts of your own. I very much doubt that 100 of those state that you are a pescetarian but I am very willing to be proved wrong if you were to give a list of them, as I have not gone back over your posting history to check your claim.

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