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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
My database favours f5.
I think I prefer f5. We can do Bg7 after f5 just fine. In fact this often happens. It is a little harder doing f5 after Bg7 due to the move Bd3.

I should point out that my database only has games since 2000 in it. If your database has older games and more games with Bg7, Gary, then it may be that Bg7 has fallen out of favour.
My DB also has f5 as most frequently played (889 games) but Bg7 is also played a lot (492 games).

There are plenty of recent games with 11...Bg7 in the DB. Furthering your analysis I think that 11...Bg7 12. Bd3 Ne7 13. Nxe7 Qxe7 is good for black. Black wins nearly as frequently as white in this variation. That would be a great situation for us.

11...Bg7 does not appear to be out of favor. So we need not fear not advancing the f6 pawn right away.

That said, white has a better try...11...Bg7 12. c3 f5 (we get that f5 move in here) 13. exf5 Bxf5 14. Nc2. Here white is winning 33% and black is winning 30% with the rest draws. That's pretty decent at this point.

These are the lines I was thinking of when I said I liked the win percentages for 11...Bg7 better than those for 11...f5.

I realize I did not make a strong and early case for Bg7. I should have pressed harder but didn't have the time at that point. Regardless I'm sure we will be OK with 11...f5. I just feel like we can get closer to even more quickly with 11...Bg7.

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