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Originally Posted by Fred View Post
As it's crunching away on a FT LL, it looks like it's actively using 75mb. However I believe I read somewhere it may use more toward the start or end of an LL test when it's doing some other work? So with my current settings it could use up to 3500mb as needed during those parts of the testing?
The larger memory demand is only if a machine is doing P-1'ing before starting the LL'ing.

However, lately almost no candidates are ever assigned for LL'ing or DC'ing without P-1 already having been done. There are "specialists" who focus on doing the P-1'ing for others to then do the LL'ing, much like there are "specials" who first do the TF'ing for the P-1'ers.

But if you leave your settings as they are, you'll be fine; the allowed memory will simply never be used.
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