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Default Multiples of base included / GFn's excluded

The project definition and web pages have now been udpated to include multiples of the base (MOB) that make a different prime than k divided by the base. Additionally after a small discussion with Jean Penne, it was decided that all k's that make generalized Fermat #'s (GFn's) would be excluded because n must be q^2 in order to make a prime leaving few candidates to test. On the right side of the main Sierp conjectures page, it shows the GFn's that have no known prime.

I haven't quite searched all the bases for MOB but only 3-4 are left. With this change, the impact has been surprisingly minimal with only 4 additional k's that need primes for all bases combined so far. All conjectures that were already proven stayed that way. One conjecture, Sierp base 32 went from not proven to proven upon the exclusion of GFn k=4.

Since some of you have reserved all of a particular base, here is a list of additional k's that are MOB that we now need primes for:

19464*4^n-1 (already reserved by Jean Penne)
594*27^n-1 (other 2 k's on Riesel base 27 reserved by Simelink)

90546*6^n+1 (Sierp base 6 reserved by geoff)
17496*24^n+1 (Sierp base 24 reserved by micha)

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