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Default Poll complete; split results; we'll do both!

The poll on the direction of the effort for Conjectures 'R Us is now closed. It was an even split at 3-3 between filling in the bases <=32 and focusing on bases that are powers of 2 with no votes for extending the bases up to 50 or 100. I did not vote. Although I would lean slightly towards filling in the bases <=32, since there are many differing views here, we can do BOTH!

Powers of 2:
1. The sieving is continuing on a team drive for base 16 Sierp.

2. Powers of 2 have been extended up to 256 on the pages. Bases 32, 64, and 128 were easily proven or shown to be virtually impossible to prove with current knowledge and technology with one exception: 40*128^n+1. It has been effectively searched to n=642.8K (converted from 5*2^n+1 shown on the Proth pages as completely searched to n=4.5M). So if you want to commit to a very long search, that one is available.

3. I will start base 256 on both sides later this week. The Sierp conjecture is low and so should probably be quick and not worthy of a team effort. I think the Riesel side will yield many k's to search and should be an interesting one for those interested in powers of 2.

Fill in for b<=32:
1. Riesel base 6 has now been completed to n=25K. 19 k's are remaining and ready to be worked on. This is the lowest remaining available base that is not currently being worked on. Jeanne Penne is currently work on all remaining base 4 k's with the exception of 64494*4^n+1.

2. Michaf continues to work on Sierp base 24 and has now passed n=10K on all remaining 200+ k's. A lot of work will come out of that one.

3. I will start Sierp base 6 sometime next week after base 256. With a high conjecture of k=174308, plenty of work should come from that one.


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