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This thread is to report any general news about the Conjectures 'R Us effort. Items of interest include team drives, monster prime finds, conjecture proofs (i.e. finding a prime for the final k of a base), and anything else that would be interesting for the team to hear about.

The first news now is that I would like to start team drive #1 to find primes on all 56 remaining Sierp base 16 k's. I am currently in the process of sieving them all to n=200K. Everyone is still welcome to reserve individual k's and I'll be glad to send you the applicable portion of the big sieved file as a starting point for the individual seach.

We'll still leave some k's out of the team drive for individual searching in addition to those that are reserved when we are ready to start searching.

If anyone is interested in helping with some sieving, let me know. I will be up to P=200G by Monday morning (CST US) running on 2 cores. I'm now estimating an approximate optimal sieve depth of around P=4T.

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