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Default BOINC NFS sieving - NFS@Home

Taking a cue from a certain group of calculator enthusiasts, I decided to test how well BOINC works for NFS sieving. I couldn't resist the oh-so-fashionable @Home name. I've been playing with it for a few days now, and it seems to work fine. Of course, real problems don't crop up until it's in the wild, so if you have time and the inclination, I'd appreciate it if you would give it a try. The project is hosted at If you have BOINC already installed, you can use this address to attach to the project. If not, you can download BOINC from the link on that page.

Included are Serge's latest optimized gnfs-lasieve binaries (BOINCified, of course) for 32-bit Windows, 32-bit Linux, and 64-bit Linux, but the Linux binaries I suspect require a 2.6 kernel to work. It's currently loaded with work for sieving the Cunningham number 2,2214L. As problems crop up, there will probably be brief periods of downtime, so if you have trouble connecting, try a little bit later.

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