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Lightbulb Doubling the cube.

Originally Posted by Uncwilly
I had never run into this on before. I am not a math major and have had limited geometry experience.

I have found out (from following the links at the cited Wikipedia article), that for some odd reason, a politcal group has latched onto this . On of the followers of the founder of the group is the one that posed to me the problem.

Again, after looking at the above cited article, it seems that it was not Baal's followers.
Can you point to me the place in Bible were it shows up????

This is better suited to the Soapbox. If you do bring it up there, please give a reference to back your claim.

Uncwilly: No matter. Strange how knowledge is intertwined.
You are right its not exactly mentioned in the Bible but has a connection from Greek Mythology.
However Elijah did build an altar 1Kings 18:32 KJV. The whole chapter should be read to get the full reference to the Context and matter under discussion.

For the problem itself and the two other related problems and the clear account of the doubling of the altar read a bit down CRE_DAH/CUBE_Gr_K46os

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