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The lava crossed the LP2, the main road on the west of LP a couple of days ago. That road was being repaired so relatively little damge was caused! The last images I saw showed the LP213 in central Todoque with lava at the very edge of the road. The lava has doubtless moved through the village by now.

Some years ago we stayed at an apartment just behind La Mariposa restaurant which is also on the LP213 further down towards Puerto Naos. Depending on whether the lava flows south or north of MontaƱa de Todoque they may or may not be destroyed respectively. It seems likely that south is more likely.

It's a fair guess you recognize these places.

Yes I do, and I have the same information that the lava has progressed to the centre of Todoque and seems to have stopped there. The restaurant Altamira was one of the last victims in that area so far.

But one should not assume prematurely that the worst is over now. In the 1949 San Juan outbreak, new major magma outlets formed 2 to 3 weeks after the first eruption.

Good luck to you that your home won't get harmed!
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