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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
For goal #4, this covers a lot of conjectures including the Riesel second conjecture. Can you summarize the k that have not been tested to 8M and their test limits? It appears that sieving has not been done for the Riesel second conjecture. Is someone working on that (assuming that is included in the goal)?
No worries. :-)

That goal does not apply to the R2 2nd conjecture, which was only started a few months ago by me well after the goals were posted. It only applies to the R2/S2 even-odd k-n conjectures. For S2 BOINC already completed those to n=8M. For R2 all of those are currently being searched by BOINC and are currently at n=7M.

There are 7 k's remaining for the R2 even-odd k-n conjectures that are at n<8M. They are:

2 even k's on regular R2 1st conjecture; k=351134 & 478214
1 k on R2 even-n; k=14361
4 k's on R2 odd-n; k=39687, 103947, 154317, & 163503

They all began the year at n=6.65M hence the 0.35M / 1.35M completed as shown in the first post.

By my estimate there is a pretty good chance that BOINC will complete the goal. If I think they will fall a little short I will contribute some of my machines to BOINC in Nov. and/or Dec.

We may have a 2022 goal to test the R2 2nd conjecture to n=4M or 5M. We can see what we think of that later this year. Pepi had offered to have Yoyo sieve it when I was done with it to n=2M. I'll send him a nominally sieved file for n=2M-5M in the near future so that he can have Yoyo sieve it.

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