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Default Triple Double

For those of you who know basketball, you will be familiar with the
concept of the "triple double", that is more than 10 of 3 separate
categories of feats within a single game of basketball. (points,
rebounds, assists, if I remember correctly)

Some k values of the series k*2^n+1 and k*2n-1 will also achieve this,
but maybe they are rarer. The feats are: 10 twins, 10 Sophie Germain
primes and 10 Cunningham chains length 2 first kind, with longer
chains, say Cunningham chains of length 3, counting as two separate

In fact "Triple doubles" are proving slightly elusive. After about 4
days of trying the closest I have achieved is

k= 20943627705

Which has 9 SGs, 8 CC first kind and 10 twins, checked to n=2000

9+8+10=27 close to my best points score to date of 28

Another close one: k= 92052927781815

With 7, 9 and 9 respectively, also checked to n=2000

My search has been on payam numbers E(27) and I checked quite a lot.

Can you do better in this all round category?


Robert Smith
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