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Originally Posted by GP2 View Post
The 339th fully-factored or probably-fully-factored Mersenne number with prime exponent (not including the Mersenne primes themselves) is M216317.

The most recent factor was found by Niels_Mache_Nextcloud and the PRP test was done by mnd9.

This exponent is too big to be certified prime by Primo.

FactorDB link

This was actually discovered yesterday, but for some reason PrimeNet did not send the usual notification.

time echo "print((2^216317-1)/9551099878153/42354904941257/1528559546583299567/6527839497610595205744558551)" | gp -q |./lucasPRP - 1 2 216317 -1
Lucas testing on x^2 - 3*x + 1 ...
Is Lucas PRP!

real	0m18.301s
user	0m18.344s
sys	0m0.012s
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