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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I like the last one and can't think of any others off the top of my head. Max, any ideas?

One thing that I thought of: I wonder if the original design of LLRnet was the way it was for security reasons. In other words, was it "static" in its LLR version so that people could not easily "fake" primes? Well, they could but it wouldn't be as easy. So...for security reasons, I wonder if for a future release, there would be an easy way to make the Awk and Perl scripts into only an executable/binary for the client with no source code available for them? That way, it would take some serious effort for someone to reverse-engineer it back to the source code and change the code in order to fake results and/or primes or non-primes.


i've found a batch-script 'compiler' but not tested it yet (it makes in WIN-Dos a *.com from a batch file).
OTOH i even don't know why there's a llrnet.exe (with LLRV3.5 included/compiled) but there exists the *.lua files also! perhaps all could be compiled in one exe!?

so i will create that new thread the next hour (with note in News, too).
the name could be changed later if we find a better one!

i take the last links of the downloads: 2 from Max and the one from me.
could be changed later, too!

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