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Just a note for you guys:

Weekends on business trips are insanely busy for me. I'll likely only make it on to answer pressing questions in the forums and in Email and to report primes; perhaps for a half-hour at most.

I will be back late Monday but have some family matters to tend to. By Tuesday, I'll be back in full swing of the projects. I kind of had to "pay the piper" finally for spending 3-4 hours/day on the projects almost non-stop for the month before I left and this busy time is my payment. lol Unfortunately I'm not retired just yet but I know I'll stay busy when I am. :-)

Either one of you, if you can help answering any others questions or anything else adminstratively on the proejcts at this time, that would be greatly helpful.

Max, you might keep an eye on the public and private servers. I think you usually do anyway. It appears that port 6000 will need loading up before Monday.

Thanks again guys.


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