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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
Thanks for the praise

Are the memory sticks identical? What is your mainboard's manufacturer and model number? What are your voltage readings in BIOS now?

As long as you can run P95's toture test for 24+ hours without error, your system should be stable enough for crunching.

Do both memory sticks individually pass with the Memtest86 program?
Brand --> Phoenix Technologies LTD
Version --> 6.00 PG
Date --> 4/29/2004

Voltage is 1.44

Well the memory sticks didn't get tested with memtest, but they passed the RAM testing part of Mprime95 torture test, so I believe that they are OK, because previously the torture test failed emideatly :(

Now I'll monitor the outcomes, both from Riesel Sieve, and TPS, and then I'll consider contributing a range to your project, if it runs flawless for at least a month, as a humble thank you for your kind patience and support :)


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