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Default KEP is reporting computer fixed

Hi everyone... first let me thank you for your support, in terms of trying to solve the hardware issue concerning my computer... especially paul underwood, who contributed hardly. He guessed on a RAM problem, and it was partly true, because the RAM themself is not malfunctioning, but the second RAM entry in the mainboard, is having difficulties, so now by using the torture test of Mprime95, and switch between the rams, and switch from 1 to 2 rams in (out of 2 possible), have I ruled out any hardware difficulties. Fortunantly this one can be ignored, and bypassed, by using only 1 RAM block, which is sufficient for any BOINC project that I participate in.

Last - not least I appologize for any inconveniences and hope now to see my fitted computer find several new primes for TPS and help remove more candidates for the Riesel Sieve project :)

Have a nice day everyone!


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