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Originally Posted by pinhodecarlos View Post
Just been playing around with these latest sieved files up to ~303P and thereĀ“s no difference from 2013-07-08 files until you reach 3950k. I think for the ones already going beyond 4M you can have less candidates to test.
For example for k=5 from 3980-3990 I got less 10 candidates to test but for 3950-3960 only one less candidate. From 3910-3950 number of candidates were equal.
These shows me that for sieved file up to 4M it is already oversieved. They need a month to sieve 10P and 10 candidates can be done in less than 24 hours. PrimeGrid should now be concentrated on sieving the 5M and 6M files up to 400P.
If I read this correctly, you're saying the file has no difference all the way from 3000 to 3950? That sounds like a pretty big error in the sieve process. Or do you mean that just 3910 to 3950 for just k=5 has no change? That would be part of the random nature of sieving.
If you mean the latter, I have no idea how you compute that the file is oversieved. Please explain your calculation?
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