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Originally Posted by thommy View Post
So what's next? Is it Primegrid's 666,666 exponent that is sieved for SG and TP chance or are you palnning a twin only search again, like 500,000 as the exponent. Wouldn't be that efficient. Is there sieving done yet?
Well, we actually have two possible directions for the next exponent:

1.) Test n=500,000 as planned earlier. I think cipher's sieving 1-50G, you'll have to ask him how the progress is on that range.
2.) Change course and follow Gary, Robert, et al's advice on this thread:

They're suggesting to sieve a broad k and n range. Sieving will be less efficient, but the LLR tests should not take as long. In that case, the n-range will be from n=450,001 to n=524,288, and the k range will be from k=3 to k=2.8M.

I haven't made any final decisions as to which choice to take. The default is option 1, but I'm open to suggestions.
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