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W38 Summary
  • Balance from previous week: $140
  • New donations: $185
  • Expenditures: $175
  • New balance: $150
  • Total donations overall: $325
  • Notes:
    • We purchased the $175 "lifetime" security update package this week and upgraded the forum to the latest 3.x version. The security update package covers the 3.x verson and the new 4.x version. We are going to try to stay with the 3.x version as long as there are security updates and bug fixes. The 4.x version is a lot more complicated and very different, but eventually we will have to switch when they stop supporting what we use now. The good news is we are covered for both!
    • We are going to inquire with our server provider to see if we can pay 5 months in advance, which would cover the $150 balance we have. With 5 months paid in advance even a mild trickle of donations should be enough to match future server expenses.
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