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[B]21 Nfd2[/B] -- 2
[B]21 Nc5[/B] -- 1
You wanted to write Ndf2, as there is no horse in f. Which is not a bad move, in fact. Ndf2, Nd5, Bd2 it is something I like very much for us, assuming they don't find anything better instead of Nd5, we would stay quite convenient. Also, after Ndf2, Nd5, we can do Ng4, even better. The question is only if Nd5 is their best reply. It may not be.

Also, my feeling is that you are not fair with Nc5**, giving it only one point. Nc5 is a quite aggressive move, and I like it a lot, better than Nd6 or Nf6. You are, however, right in placing Nd6 better than Nf6. After they moved that rock, 21 Nf6 doesn't make too much sense, after Kd8, we don't have much to do, and they are not forced to take the horse. Bad for us. I mean, not bad, but not the happy end we want. 21 Nd6 on the other hand puts some pressure on f7, so it is much better in my scale. Back to 21 Nc5, where do they put the bishop? If I look more to this move, I start to like it more. After 21 Nc5, bishop somewhere, or rook defends bishop, 22 Bd2, we might get clean with the queen side and their king is still in the middle, not castled. I love this part. I think after all, their rook move was a mistake. Not a big one, but they could do better.

My vote yet to come.

**edit: I posted that fragment before seeing WMH's comment. This window was opened for few hours already, during I was mumbling around, and you WMH cross-posted in between, and it seems that you also have seen the potential of Nc5. We have to analyze deeper here.

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