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Originally Posted by Matthias C. Noc
If we loose one normal cruncher with an up-to-date PC due to frustration about no progress we are loosing much more power then when we loose 10 angry slow-crunchers because their exponents were reassigned in time to keep the project rolling.
Each time you loose one slow cruncher, there is a great cance you'll loose the rest of his machines too. (I have >200, a few of them are rather slow, but I don't want to see cycles wasted.) It is very discouraging when you find that the exponent you have been working on the last four months was poached, and I don't think you'll find that many people leaving the project because of a couple of exponents testing very slowly.

I think we should take another approach to handing out work. Let us decide how large exponents we want by the number of days it will take to complete it, and hand out exponents in lots of different ranges at the same time. This will let everyone make steady progress and see exponents complete regularly at the speed he or she decide. And let the server deny requests for exponents which will take more than 120 days or so to complete. We will make progress in all ranges at the same time, and if you believe that there is a good chance to find a prime in a specific range, you can choose exactly that range. Machines will last longer in the project (remember that every cycle count as long as the exponent is completed) and produce results longer. Shure we won't complete the lower ranges as fast, but we will have perfect work for all kinds of computers for longer. When there are no more exponents left to test at 120 PIII days, the PIIIs will get double checks from the higher ranges, while there is still work left for Pentium IIs in the lower ones.
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