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Re: deleting a computer

How much poking around the CPU (AKA "Computers") page, which I recommended earlier in another thread, did you do before you posted this?

Login at

Click on the "Computers" heading link on your summary page. It'll take you to

Beneath the table is a checkbox beside a button labeled "Drop checked CPUs". Did you try that, but it didn't work?

You have to check both the box beside the computer you want to drop, in the column headed "Name", and the checkbox under the table, to the left of the "Drop checked CPUs" button, then click on the "Drop checked CPUs" button. (This two-checkbox requirement is to avoid accidental deletions.)

Did you try clicking on that button, but not after having checked the two boxes specified in the preceding paragraph?

Or were you unable to find your way to that page (, by clicking on the "Computers" heading link on your summary page, while you were logged in at ?

Perhaps my earlier "look around the CPUs page -- there's something for deleting" advice was too vague?

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