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Default How to properly delete Linux on a multibot PC?

Ever since Microsoft took a wrong turn with Windows 8, I've been dipping my toes into the Linux world. My few experiments (mainly with Zorin OS and Netrunner) have by and large been successful, with the notable exception of the tiresome need to keep reinstalling the OS as a shiny new version comes out and support is dropped for the previous one.

Now Microsoft has compounded its Win8 errors with Windows 10 and I'm looking at End of Support for Windows 7 in 2020. Five years off still, I know, but I want to be ready to make the switch if necessary. Which leads me (finally) to my question for you Linux connoisseurs.

I had honed in on Netrunner 12.12 as an easy-to-use and visually stunning distro. But then they stopped issuing updates for it. When I downloaded Netrunner 16 and went to install it on my test PC, the installer program appeared to be much more obscure than I remember it from version 12: for the life of me, I could not figure out where exactly to tell it to put Netrunner 16. I had wanted to write over the existing Netrunner 12 installation, but the installer did not seem to want to offer me that option. (This was some months ago so I can't remember the exact details.)

Not wanting to take any chances (the test PC also has XP and Vista on it), eventually I had Netrunner 16 install on its own new, separate partition. So now I have four OSes on that machine.

Yesterday I went to update Netrunner 16 and wanted to install NVIDIA drivers for the graphics card. But the Synaptics Package Manager (or whatever it's called) would not finish downloading the driver. I canceled the operation and found an alternative way to do it, but now I keep getting cryptic messages about some "package" being "broken" and that I need to fix that first, without a hint of an explanation as to what exactly is broken or how to fix it. I found some function to fix broken packages, but it stops with some other oddslot error claiming that it couldn't do the fix.

So I'm sick and tired of this Netrunner 16 and want to UNinstall the d*mn thing. Here's my question for you: what is the proper way to uninstall a Linux OS, such that the bootloader gets adjusted accordingly (and automatically)? I don't want to simply nuke the partition and remain with a bootloader that thinks I still have Netrunner 16 on it -- I imagine that could cause problems at startup.

Any suggestions? Ultimately I would like to also delete Netrunner 12 and replace it with Linux Mint 17 to continue my dabbling in Linux.

Thanks in advance.
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