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So what makes you think it is a probable prime?
Putting this to rest:

$ ./pfgw64 -i -V -N -T8 -q"((2^1875230-1)*10^564501+2^1875229-1)"
PFGW Version [GWNUM 29.8]

Generic modular reduction using generic reduction AVX-512 FFT length 384K, Pass1=1K, Pass2=384, clm=1, 8 threads on A 3750464-bit number                                    
Resuming at bit 1480000                                    
((2^1875230-1)*1....501+2^1875229-1) is composite: RES64: [52E573162A497910] (5201.6106s+0.0149s)
As to whether the factors are small, I have neither the time nor interest to care.
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