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Default Welcome to "Riesel Prime Search"

The new project was established less than 30 minutes ago and we are now ready to go! We already have two pending primes. I'm sure more will come soon!

When you submit your primes please be sure to create a new prover's code and to include "RPS", the user-ID of the project, in the field next to the sieving program you used.

The first team effort has already started.

Finally, thanks to everybody who decided to join us and who helped us decide the name of the project quickly!

The project descriptive data (to be included in the Top-5000) page:

The project is searching for Riesel primes k*2^n-1, k>1.
We have three subprojects as follows.
(1) k's that can produce many primes in the given range of exponent n,
(2) low-weight k's that produce a very small number of primes
[opposite to (1) above],
(3) small k < 300 (with exception of those k's already reserved by
other projects).
If you have any comments on this please let me know.

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