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Ed - your guides are a God-send, thanks so much for writing them up and, more importantly, keeping them current!

I installed everything without a hitch - except Yafu.

Not an issue, just looking for clarification:
I couldn't understand the "Using a text editor, open the Makefile file and make the following edit:" section (was I supposed to just change the highlighted text?) so I just replaced the entire 'ifeq ($(NFS),1)' clause in the Makefile with what you posted, that seemed to work fine.

The one edit I had to make that you didn't list:
I got an error executing the Makefile because it couldn't find the command 'gcc-7.2.1' so I changed it to 'gcc' and that did the trick.

After many years, it's great to be current with my factoring tools. On my newly built 32 thread AMD 3950X Ubuntu 19.10 system, I factored 2^308+97 in 5.0s. On to bigger fish!
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