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Originally Posted by BrainStone View Post
What error did I do?
One error you have just made is to ignore the second and third options in my list. To jog your memory they werre "naivety" and "whatever".

Naivety is both inevitable and forgivable*; everyone is naive in any specific field until they learn not to be. Your naivety (in my opinion, others may differ) is in assuming that mathematicians invariably tolerate sloppy language when used to describe a problem which can be described precisely. Inherent in that sloppiness is a failure to distinguish clearly between the result of operators in programming languages and the mathematical concept of an equivalence class.

"Whatever" is harder to characterize. One thing in your favour is your adherence to one of the laws of optimization: First get it right, then get it fast. Perhaps if you had stated this up-front your post may have had a different outcome.

Originally Posted by BrainStone View Post
That's just being rude and inappropriate.
Very likely so. Not everyone is polite.


* I've been getting all sorts of since I joined Twitter because my Asperger's makes it difficult for me to read sub-texts in tweets from neurotypicals. I have been trying hard to learn and I believe that I'm improving but it still trips me up all too often.
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