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Originally Posted by kuratkull View Post
But the weird license from gwnum says that if you find a Mersenne prime you have to share the prize with GIMPS.
In my layman opinion, there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you used a lot of information from PrimeNet, like for example their base of exponents for which the corespondent mersenne numbers were already testes or factored. Otherwise, starting from scratch by yourself, it would take you centuries. Of course, when it comes to take the EFF's money, you can claim that you never consulted this data base and you just picked a random exponent, and got lucky. But everybody around you will know that's not true, and you may look like an asshole in the eyes of the community. Not that I would care about that, if that would happen to me ever , but pragmatically speaking, your chance is much-MUCH higher to find first a smaller than 100M digits prime, for which EFF gives no money, but GIMPS does, so accepting that prize money, you are automatically bonded to GIMPS condition. Not counting the efforts you have to go through, to GET those money from EFF, i.e. a lot of paperwork and nerves, about which you have no experience, but GIMPS does, as they did it for other primes in the past.

If I would be to find a 100M-digits prime in the future, using my own program, completely written by myself and without consulting any library (I do not have such a program, this is only for the sake of the argument), or, by the way, cudaLucas or gpuOwl (to my knowledge, they are not bounded - yet - by GIMPS condition), then for sure I would let GIMPS handle it, speed up verification, do the paper work, and I would be totally satisfied with the $50k and the short-term fame.

Or maybe, I just got an idea! In my greed, , and especially if I would have a "handpicked" exponent which would be difficult to guess, I would try to "negotiate" how the prize is split, before telling the exponent. Haha. The blackmailer in me would go like: "You can split the prize my way, or wait another 7 years till somebody finds a prime". I would not think especially to get more money for myself, but to give some small chunks to the people who contributed to the development of the tools we use today (like msft, Oliver, Bdot, flash, etc), in detriment of GIMPS charity, or whatever crazy ideas I would have at that time. All dogs are good till there is a bone to share, hehe...

But to go for the prize by myself, that would be too much of an effort and arguments, and I am kinda too lazy for it

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