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Originally Posted by kuratkull View Post
I am not bundling any third party code and I have not copied code from LLR64, so RPT is completely mine. I think only the compiled binary is suhject to the licenses, because the executable contains statically linked GMP and gwnum. But yes, other than that I agree with your conclusions @Happy5214
Keep in mind that translations (i.e. ports) also count as derivative works, at least according to the armchair lawyers. I don't know how much you consulted Jean's C code when writing your Zig code, and TBH I don't know your or his code well enough to compare them. As you probably know, algorithms can't be copyrighted. I still want clarity from him, if only for the general question of his licensing, so I'll go ahead and PM him about it.

Since the executable is statically linked, it probably would have to be distributed under the most restrictive terms of the combination (e.g. gwnum's Mersenne prime rule, GMP's rules on providing the license and an offer of the source code). Since you're really distributing the source code, however, I think you're right that those static link rules don't apply as such to that source distribution.
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