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LLR having no license for its own code (i.e. not the gwnum code) is a problem. Someone should clarify that with Jean.

I'm not a lawyer, so take this advice with a grain of salt. As long as your LLR code wouldn't be considered a derivative work of Jean's LLR, which may be an issue, you could probably get away with the BSD license for your code. It's compatible with the LGPL, and linking with gwnum should be OK as long as it's clear that the library has its own license. If you distribute gwnum with your code, include its license in that folder. Keep in mind that the combined program would inherit gwnum's restrictions on Mersenne primes. Unless you're bundling GMP, I don't think you'll need to include the LGPL text in your code. As Paul suggested, you should consider crediting these libraries in a README or similar file.

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