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Originally Posted by Kosmaj View Post
I updated test files for k=5, 15, and 17 based on the latest file of Aug. 19 to respective threads.

I agree that the 3-4M range is excessively oversieved! The candidates can be removed faster by primality tests.

And finally, regarding the difference of k=5 test files between the previous sieving file (released in July) and this one, there are now 48 candidates less, and they appear to be almost uniformly distributed between 3027110 and 3980308.
What hardware do you use when comparing sec/f ?
most sieving is done with GPU's.

If you compare with CPU sieve time I can agree, but most sieving are done with GPU's.

I will ask Jim if he can give more info about the removal rate.

Here is some timings for a range on a GTX480

Sieve started: 303675222000000000 <= p < 303675231000000000 Thread 0 starting Detected GPU 0: GeForce GTX 480 Detected compute capability: 2.0 Detected 15 multiprocessors. Thread 0 completed Sieve complete: 303675222000000000 <= p < 303675231000000000 count=223575636,sum=0xd1617f2096f164d2 Elapsed time: 1067.52 sec. (1.09 init + 1066.42 sieve) at 8439596 p/sec. Processor time: 198.03 sec. (1.09 init + 196.94 sieve) at 45699162 p/sec. Average processor utilization: 1.00 (init), 0.18 (sieve) called boinc_finish

The fastest card will do this range on 600 sec

Normal speed on those ranges is 10min to 30 min depending on the card.


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