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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
I see four primes for n>735K, both in the primes_8000.txt file and in the database's list:
[2011-07-14 05:27:11]
1459*2^736641-1 is prime!  Time : 1344.0 sec.
[2011-07-15 01:00:23]
1675*2^736923-1 is prime!  Time : 1535.0 sec.
[2011-07-15 05:12:21]
1585*2^736945-1 is prime!  Time : 11895.0 sec.
[2011-07-15 05:34:29]
1947*2^737008-1 is prime!  Time : 1193.0 sec.
Your three primes are listed in the first post of this thread; Chris's isn't yet.

Everything looks fine to me, at least as far as I can tell from this end; the only way something could be missing is if you had additional primes which were logged directly on your clients and not on the server, in which case we have a different sort of problem.
Oh, that list must only update once per day. Can you verify that? I think I was confused because the pair counts and results update every hour (or every 15 mins). I say this because when I checked for the first 2 primes above several hours after they were found, they were not there.

Chris's prime is in the confirmed list. There are 3 new and 1 confirmed for n>735K shown in the 1st post at the moment of this posting.

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