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Arrow GPU sieving drive part III: k<10000 n=3M-6M

Our previous GPU sieving drive part II, which covered n=2M-3M for this k-range, has been moved into BOINC at [url=], like the n<2M sieve before it. The non-BOINC side of things has now progressed to the n=3M-6M range.

For this sieve, the larger n-range of n=3M-6M (rather than just 3M-4M) was chosen since the 2M-3M sieve will keep BOINC busy for a good while, and thus we won't be quite as rushed to get the next range ready for it. Thus, we can combine 3M-6M and do it in one fell swoop. ppsieve and tpsieve scale such that sieving time is inversely proportional to the n-range; that is, n=3M-6M will run at exactly 1/3 the speed of n=3M-4M.

As last time, we will be sieving with tpsieve, and this will cover both the Riesel and Proth sides since we effectively throw in one of them for "free".

I will reserve ranges from the primary reservation thread in the PST forum and distribute them here. The reservations table for NPLB's ranges ONLY follows below; see PST's thread for the overall canonical list.
P-range         reserved by     status
  0T  - 20T     PST forum
 20T  - 30T     PCZ             complete
 30T  - 40T     PST forum
 40T  - 50T     PCZ             complete
No ranges current available in this forum due to lack of activity.
If you plan to contribute at least semi-regularly here, post here saying so
and I (Max) will reserve another range from PST to divvy out here.
Otherwise, you can just reserve ranges directly from the PST thread
(linked just above this box).
I will follow this up shortly with another post detailing how to participate in this sieve.


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