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Just heard from Gary--it's not a power outage. Apparently, both the phone and internet went out simultaneously, which is rather odd since his internet is cable-based (so they're not on the same line or anything).
Just heard something rather interesting from Gary...apparently the TV still works, which means that the cable line itself is functioning. Since power is on but telephone is not, that means that somehow, somewhere along the line, the cable internet is apparently dependent on the telephone connection! Strange but true.

Edit: Just realized something funny. Gary's cable company (Time Warner, which also services my area) has the usual cable phone service offering (which I don't believe Gary has) which they position as a direct competitor to standard phone company service. For the uninitiated, these are thinly disguised VoIP setups--they use the cable internet as a conduit for voice data. The funny thing is, though, if the cable internet goes out whenever the phone line goes out...that means that the cable phone service also goes out whenever the "real" phone line goes out. Go figure.

Edit 2: On second thought, scratch that I think about it, I do remember Gary mentioning once that does use the cable phone service. In that case, it would not be at all surprising that the phone and internet would be out but not the power or TV. Rather, the cable line itself would seem to be functioning, but somewhere along the line the internet is not working. Thus, the phone wouldn't work either since its conduit is gone.

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