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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
I just received a second email for 1697*2^361566-1

I tried to enter it in top-5000!

What? The prime that you just submitted a couple of hours ago doesn't look familiar to you? lol

In the mean time, can anyone say 12 in a row new primes for k=1600-1700?:

1689*2^362388-1 is prime

If this continues for another couple of primes, I'm going to do some serious investigation on # of k/n pairs/avg. weight/what k's have already been searched/etc. I may have been in prime-searching for only 21 months, but this is not something that should happen once in 21 months...more like once in 21 years!

I'm quite confident that k=1800-1900 & 1900-2000 have been searched no more than k=1600-1700 so if you allow the 1st prime in the streak to be any one of the 3, then the chances on any 12-prime sequence coming up 12 in a row in one of the 3 are 1 in 3^11 = 177147.

What that means is that I would have had to have witnessed or been involved in the searching of 177147 top-5000 primes by now. In 21 years, sure, but not 21 months. In non-top-5000 primes, sure, but not top-5000 primes.

Go figure!

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