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Funny Chris: I just saw your 2nd new prime come up with my confirmed one:

1475*2^362176-1 is confirmed prime

With Chris's two finds here, we can now make that 11 consecutive new primes found for k=1600-1700. This has become so outlandishly bizzare that I went and checked the k/n pairs that are being handed out in David's server: Plenty of k=1800-2000 candidates in there. With little searching having been previously done in that area, I'm dumbfounded. The count now stands:

k-value   # primes
1400-1500    7
1500-1600    6
1600-1700   14
1700-1800    2
1800-1900    0
1900-2000    2

It's now 27-4 in favor of k=1400-1700.

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