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Default Combined list with testing limit included


Actually, k=1 to 600 have been searched enough since that's how far the Proth search site goes up to and so is how far up I matched the site with ours.

I wasn't able to do any more testing yet but I combined your list with mine and added the value of n that each k has been tested through. Of course all of yours are 250. I also added odd k's divisbile by 3 (i.e. k=3 mod 6) up to k < 1000 where no twins were found and showed (none) by them. People might like to test those with a little more vigor in the future. I suspect there will be plenty of k's that have no twin primes found. It will be interesting to see if the lowest value of k=3 mod 6 where there are no twins really turns out to be k=111 like it is now. It has technically been tested to n=350K.

I should be able to extend the search for k > 600 a little on Tuesday sometime. Thanks for your help so far. This might turn out to be an interesting effort and could give us a good base to work from if we wish to find somewhat large triplets, quadruplets, 5-tuples, etc. in the future.

My changes are attached.

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