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Originally Posted by Brian-E View Post
I'm risking looking silly here, but I have to admit I have no idea what you mean, Jason. But I am intrigued.
What is this Prime Pages policy?
I'm not sure how much you understand, so I'll expand the scope of the question a bit. Cullen and Woodall numbers are numbers of the form n*2^n+ or -1, Cullen is the plus numbers, Woodall is the minus.

With Prime Pages, they've noted that if k is even, then k*2^n+1=(k/2)*2^(n+1)+1. This is normally a fabulous simplification. The problem is the whole point of the Cullen and Woodall projects is that k and n are the same number, when you do the math trick, it's just a regular equation.

If there's something quirky about an equation, and simplifying takes away the obviousness of the quirkiness, than you've defeated the whole point of finding it in the first place.

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