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Tried running it but got this

Client will run in idle class.
Can't open file:C:\ECMNET\ECMCLI~1.ini
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Couldn't open C:\ECMNET\ECMCLI~1.ini
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Couldn't open C:\ECMNET\ECMCLI~1.crv
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Couldn't open C:\ECMNET\ECMCLI~1.daily
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] ECMnet Client application v2.0k started.
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Please visit for information.
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Configured to connect to

The log gets the name ECMCLI~1.LOG

I am guessing it is missing ecmclient.ini ecmclient.crv ecmclient.daily.
It doesn't seem to support the long names correctly so really ECMCLI~1.INI ECMCLI~1.CRV ECMCLI~1.DAILY

Where do you get the files ?

Afterwards got the message
[2003-08-12 17:21:35 GMT] Connect error. Pausing 1 minutes

For the port is it just 8194.
Protocol and direction TCP ? UDP ? Outbound ? Inbound
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