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Originally Posted by Xyzzy
What hardware/software does it take to run that server?
Tim Charron makes the source code available as well as precompiled Windows versions.

The server does essentially no processing work - simple data management and some simple arithmetic to pick the next exponent. It will run anywhere you can compile it.

You can also run the server as a slave. For example, if you wanted to work on my numbers but didn't like my settings for which numbers to work on, you could configure a slave server to communicate with my server at as a master, but implement your own assignment policy. Then have your client report to your server - the changes will filter up to the master and the total work done will filter down to the slaves. The server supports mixtures of five assignment policies
// Strategy for determining what to hand out (server defaults to #0 if nothing provided)
// 0 = random distribution from "Active" pool
// 1 = pick one which has the smallest B1
// 2 = pick one with the smallest sum(b1)
// 3 = pick one with the smallest work: sum(b1)*len(N)^2
// 4 = pick one with the smallest # of digits in the composite[/code:1]

I'm using a mixture of 20% for the smallest composite (#4), 40% for the smallest sum(b1) (#2), and 40% #3.
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