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Default Factors of M(3326400) - was M(5040)

I started the Lounge thread about factors of M(5040). In that thread I also posted factors from related exponents. Now that we have a factoring forum I will post these factors here.

106638643913461155414345241 is a factor of M(1485).
607648390273 is a factor of 2^16632+1, and hence a factor of M(33264)

The P27 was found using GMP-ECM5 with B1=25000. The remaining unfactored cofactor is reduced from a C210 to a C184. The P12 was found with Dario Alejandro Alpern’s web based Java factorer. It leaves a remaining C2583 cofactor. Both results have been reported to Will Edgington so they will show up in the next release of lowM.txt.
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