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Default High IPC bad for GIMPS?

Intel is moving away from the P4/Netburst architecture and towards high IPC designs. Pentium M type chips are going to be move into the desktop arena, and Netburst will soon disappear. Sites like Tomshardware are even applauding the demise of P4/Netburst and are very welcoming of the much cooler Pentium M designs.

This seems to be bad news for GIMPS. So far, it's proven to run very fast on P4/Netburst. Much of the boost being due to the high clockspeeds. I wonder if this move will mean that our GIMPS output won't increase too much in the next couple of years. People will actually upgrade to machines that are SLOWER than their current ones - at least where GIMPS is concerned.

Of course, this is only on the Intel front.
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