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Originally Posted by Cruelty View Post
Memory most likely runs @ DDR2-800 however you should set your timings manually - usually SPD contains 5-5-5-15-2T so the question is what are the specs of your RAM.
Also, if you run your CPU @ stock speed then instead of 9x266 set it to 7.5x333 or 6x400 - you will keep your CPU speed @ stock (or close to it) and improve FSB throughput (increasing chipset voltage is advisable then).
Ok, I just want to give an update:

I changed my FSB to run at 400 MHz instead of 333 to make use of the 800 MHz memory speed, and shortened the latencies from 5-5-5-15 to 4-4-4-12, then reduced the CPU divider from 8 to 7 which yields a slight overclock (2800 MHz instead of the stock 2666). This made a marginal but not dramatic increase in speed.

I think you're right about the memory being the bottleneck, because after this, I put the multiplier back to 8 (3200 MHz), and this didn't speed things up at all. I'm getting iteration times of 90 now (all four tests are in the LL stage now, which reduced the times from 97 to 90).

I also just learned about the benefits of dual-channel memory, so I ordered a second memory stick (I'm sure this was my biggest mistake). I imagine this will bring things back to more typical performance.

Thanks for everyone's help.

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