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Just for the sake of comparison, I recently built a Q9450 system to run Prime95. I am running DDR2 1066 memory (5-5-5-15 , 2x1Gb) at stock speed (1066 MHz). I am running the following LL tests, with iteration times.

A double-check exponent, 1280K FFT - 28ms (.028 sec)
Two 2048K FFT exponents - 47 ms (.047 sec)
One 2560K FFT exponent - 61ms (.061 sec)

Use these as real-life benchmarks. I have been pleased with the iteration times, based on the numerous comments in this forum of the limitations of the memory bottlenecks in the current Intel architecture.

I am running version 24.14

What is the speed of your memory? I noticed that the iteration times decreased dramatically as I went from underclocking the memory to raising it to stock speed. I do have a small overclock (6%) on the cpu, but the most significant difference came from raising the memory speed to stock.

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